Bethel Investments Limited

Our Vision

To be a leading firm promoting secure use of ICT in businesses and training institutions in the East African Community.

Our Mission

To respond to the needs of firms and organizations by providing customized ICT solutions.

Our Values

Transparency, honesty, diligence and value for money.

Cooperate Ambition

To be the most sought-after integrated ICT solution in the market.

Work, for some is a laborious task. For us, what we do is glorious. At Bethel Investments Ltd, what we do is our pride, our passion, our vocation. It is truly the final product when creative ideas and strategic vision for your company collide to create the big bang.

Business Philosophy

Bethel Investments Limited is a flexible, dynamic and a customer-focused firm.

We continually evaluate our business processes to support a user-friendly environment that improves customer and employee satisfaction.

We support open communication at every level of our business processes.
We continually support the development of new products and services.
We endeavor to maintain and develop long-term client relationship.
We encourage recruitment, development and cultivation of intellectual talent.
Our Commitment

We focus our efforts on the success of our clients.
We endeavor to provide competitive returns on our shareholders investments.
Our Target

The ICT sector in Uganda is still young with unexploited potential. Cooperate firms, banks, Hospitals and educational institutions are among the organizations that need to attain the “digital firm” status.

By providing software development and re-evaluation training services we hope to support organizations achieve the digital status.

Even when we are faced with stiff competition from off-shelf software vendors providing some of the similar software products; our strength remains in the uniqueness and individuality of our product to cater for client-specific needs.

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