Techlab is based at the economic capital of the pearl of africa, Uganda making both web and mobile apps for worldwide idea innovators. Apps we build are appraised for intuitive navigation and extensive utility by its owners and users. Our day rises with a sole question every day that motivates us to do what we do – “Why a user will take time to download an app that is sure of occupying space on their phone device?” and we know the answer! We’re a community of versatile talent and passions; we’re designers, developers, programmers, engineers, writers, SEOs, quality analysts, dreamers, singers, comedians, travellers, sports enthusiasts, painters, geeks and personnel of bull’s work.

  • EMAIL:info@techlab.click
  • PHONE:+256-783100703
  • ADDRESS:Wandegeya,kampala
  • WEBSITE:www.techlab.click

We connect the world by developing techs that encourage profits, advance public assistance, accelerate work performances, and create gorgeousness on every digital screen.

What weDo For the world

At techlb systems, we have provided tech solutions to small, medium and large enterprises for the past two years and we never give up on our mission of making technology work for everyone. We do not only provide timely and cost effective technologies for our customers but we keep in mind usability and quality as we develop these solutions.What we do best include th following

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