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1st floor Uganda Safety Holdings` Building (Opp. DTB Bank), Kampala - Uganda, Kampala

Uganda Safety Holdings
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Uganda Safety Holdings is the preferred provider of occupational safety & health, First aid, Organizational security, Fire Safety and environmental management solutions as well as the supplier of choice of personnel protection equipment, fire protection equipment, security systems, earthing and lightening systems. We design, install and maintain fire, security and earthing & lightening protection systems to the best engineering practices and recommended standards to ensure adequate protection. OUR TRAINING CALENDER USH 1701 First Aid At The Workplace 2 days 23rd – 24th Feb Hotel Sojovalo 700,000/= USH 1702 Occupational Health & Safety Management Training 3 days 1st ,2nd & 3rd March Hotel Sojovalo 800,000/= USH 1703 Fire Safety & Emergency Preparedness Training 2 days 30th – 31st March Hotel Sojovalo 700,000/= USH 1704 Office Safety Management 2 days 6th – 7th April Hotel Sojovalo 700,000/= USH 1705 Risk Assessment at the Workplace 1 day 27th April Hotel Sojovalo 500,000/= USH 1706 Occupational Health & Safety Awareness 1 day 28th April Hotel Sojovalo 500,000/= USH 1707 Stress & Conflict Management at the Workplace 1 day 4th May Hotel Sojovalo 500,000/= USH 1708 Occupational Health & Safety Legislation 1 day 5th May Hotel Sojovalo 500,000/= USH 1709 Total Quality Management (TQM) Systems Framework 3 days 24th , 25th & 26th May Hotel Sojovalo 800,000/= UHS 1710 Organizational Safety & Security Management 2 days 8th -9th June Hotel Sojovalo 800,000/= USH 1711 Health & Safety Committee Training 2 days 22nd - 23rd June Hotel Sojovalo 800,000/= USH 1712 Food Safety Training 1 day 30th June Hotel Sojovalo 500,000/= USH 1713 Construction Safety and Site Management 2 days 13th -14th July Hotel Sojovalo 700,000/= USH 1714 Forklift & Crane Operation Safety Management 1 day 28th July Hotel Sojovalo 500,000/= USH 1715 Fleet Management 2 days 3th -4th August Hotel Sojovalo 700,000/= USH 1716 Environmental Management Systems 2 days 17th -18th August Hotel Sojovalo 700,000/= USH 1717 Road Safety 1 day 26th August Hotel Sojovalo 500,000/= USH 1718 Basic First Aid 3 days 31st Aug -2nd September Hotel Sojovalo 800,000/= USH 1718 Waste Management 1 day 7th September Hotel Sojovalo 500,000/= USH 1720 Safety for Senior Executives 1 day 8th September Hotel Sojovalo 500,000/= USH 1721 Chemical Safety & Hazardous Substances 1 day 15th September Hotel Sojovalo 500,000/= USH 1722 Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Management System (HSEQ) 3 days 28th – 30th September Hotel Sojovalo 900,000/= USH 1723 Fraud Prevention & Investigation Skills 2 days 5th -6th October Hotel Sojovalo 700,000/= USH 1724 Standard First Aid Course 5 days 9th -13th October Hotel Sojovalo 1,500,000/= USH 1725 Defensive Driving 2 days 26th –27th October Hotel Sojovalo 800,000/= USH 1726 Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) 1 day 2nd November Hotel Sojovalo 500,000/= USH 1727 Hygiene Safety 1 day 3rd November Hotel Sojovalo 500,000/= USH 1728 International Health and Safety Laws, ILO and Local Laws on OSH. 1 day 16th November Hotel Sojovalo 500,000/= USH 1729 Electrical Safety 1 day 17th November Hotel Sojovalo 500,000/= USH 1730 HIV / AIDS & the Workplace 1 day 24th November Hotel Sojovalo 500,000/= Committed to creating safe and secure work environments by managing hazards and risks whilst minimizing injuries, illnesses and environmental impacts. Uganda Safety Holdings was established with a vision to be the Supplier of choice at championing compliance to safety and risk management requirements and best practices. Uganda Safety Holdings has the experience and capability to offer high level safety and risk management services. Our key senior consultants have qualifications and experience in providing specialist safety and Health management services to a wide range of industries. We provide services ranging from audits of facilities for safety compliance, risk assessments and tailored safe work procedures, development and implementation of procedure, plans and systems to the assessment, review of plans, systems and work place OSH Management to environmental management solutions and preparation for certification of systems. Our expertise and strategy lies in problem solving, helping companies adopt an effective Health & Safety policy, and setting up a strategy for management control, all based on current legislation. We enable employers to adhere to regulations by providing comprehensive assessments and practical solutions. Uganda Safety Holdings has delivered numerous assignments and projects in both the private and government sectors. These projects include residential buildings, commercial facilities (e.g. schools and hospitals etc.), industrial manufacturing plants, power generation stations, oil & gas facilities among others. We have managed to achieve this landmark through our robust project management, cost control and lean business processes with motivated and passionate staffs who deliver on their promises and willing to stretch beyond their limits to meet customer needs. Uganda Safety Holdings undertakes turnkey projects from design, supply, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of various systems like fire detection, fire alarm, fire suppression, firefighting systems, access control, digital video surveillance (CCTV), monitored intruder systems and earthing & lightening systems. Uganda Safety Holdings is keen to build long term and sustainable relationships with our clients, grow organically, satisfy their requirements and continue to improve our range of products and people, improve service delivery, and expand our clientele and markets. VISION Our vision is to be the leading Company in sensitizing the public on matters concerning Safety and Health, tackling Occupational related risks and ill health problems across the region and avail the solution to avoid them. Mission To responsibly and consciously offer quality and reliable services and products in a highly ethical framework that promote safety and allay business risks to our clients and partners whilst ensuring growth and economic success.

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  • Address:1st floor Uganda Safety Holdings` Building (Opp. DTB Bank), Kampala - Uganda, Kampala
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